Ten Tips for Banishing Boredom at the Office

Most people say that work is meant to be boring. It’s called work for a reason, right? Well not in my book! Just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun, so I’ve decided to write ten tips that I use for banishing boredom at work!

It obviously depends on how laid back your workplace is, but below I’ve listed ten things that I get away with. Anything that I haven’t tried yet will be listed with a *

#1 – Colouring Books and Dot-to-Dot Books

These things have literally saved me from falling into a coma every time the work pace is slow. When you’re colouring you don’t even tend to think of how long it’s taking, especially if you purchase a particularly intricate colouring book with plenty of detail to cover. If you get bored easily however, I suggest switching to a dot-to-dot book before continuing with your vibrant masterpiece. You can also colour in your dot-to-dot work once you’ve finished it.

#2 – Start Drawing

Similar to the colouring books and the dot-to-dots I’ve just mentioned, drawing is a really good way of occupying your mind while your work day is slow. It’s also a great way to improve your doodling skills! To begin with I wouldn’t go crazy and buy a load of art supplies – just a small sketch pad and a few pencils will do the trick.

#3 – Knitting *

The only reason why I haven’t tried this in the Office myself is because despite my many attempts, I just can’t seem to do it properly. For me, knitting is rather difficult but for someone who already knows what they’re doing, this might be a good way of passing the time. If you’re also trying to practice (and are a lot more adept than I am) then this could be a good way of improving your skills.

#4 – Find a Singing Partner

I know that sounds incredibly odd but hear me out… There are two kinds of people in this world: those who burst into song randomly and those who get irritated with people singing in general. I’m one of those people who bursts into my own rendition of Girls Just Want To Have Fun nearly every five minutes. If you find someone who also likes erupting into song, then pass the time together and boost your morale with your new singing partner. I suggest tip #7 if you want to make the office more fun.

#5 – Do a Little Wedding Planning/Plan an Event

So this is obviously optional, weddings aren’t on everyone’s mind but in my case right now I can go from 0 to full-scale bridezilla at the drop of a hat. So far at work I’ve done a rough draft of a guest list and brainstormed some colour themes, but I will probably do much more as time goes by. If you’re not a bride-to-be, then why not organise a night out with friends or a date-night with your partner? Maybe it’s just me, but I find planning fun… and that makes me sound soooo boring.

#6 – Engage in Group Activities

In my work place there are often group activities that open up opportunities to meet new people. It could be a silly game of hangman or a music quiz, but get involved and see what you have in common with the person sat in the cubicle next to you!

#7 – Make a Work Playlist *

This is something you should definitely do if you’re a hairbrush singer like me! Make sure the playlist is upbeat and enjoyable for everyone else who is going to hear it. Listening to music is a great way to pass the time at work and if you’re singing along with your work friends it can boost morale too. Here are some of the songs on my work playlist:

  • Take On Me – A-ha
  • Wake Me Up Before You Go Go – Wham!
  • I’m Still Standing – Elton John
  • Water Under the Bridge – Adele
  • Shape of You – Ed Sheeran

#8 – Find someone Who Gets Your Sense of Humour

Find that person and sit with them. They alone will make the day go quicker! This is definitely the simplest tip on this list but it’s perhaps the most enjoyable, as it’s always good to make new friends. If you’re a socially awkward mess like me, you might find that tip #6 helps break the ice.

#9 – Puzzle Books

Puzzle books are your best friend if you just want a day to yourself at work. I love my workmates, we have a great laugh but some days you just want to keep yourself to yourself.  Puzzle books will also keep your brain active, which is helpful if you’re putting in extra hours.

#10 – Make Your Desk Pretty *

It is sooo boring going to work every day and staring at the same computer screen constantly. Your office space is most likely dull, so why not make it pretty? It will give you something to do without necessarily being away from your desk, and it gives your work space a touch of who you are. If you’re limited on what you’re allowed to do (due to desk sharing, for example) then just check with your boss what personal touches you can leave behind when your shift ends.

In case those ideas weren’t enough…

Here are a few other quick things you can do to pass the time at your desk!

  • If you’re a blogger like me, find some topics to write about. I decided to write this while post I was at work.
  • Write your shopping list. This helps me feel organised once my work day is over.
  • Plan your meals – great if you’ve decided to start eating healthier like me.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and helps keep you entertained! If anyone has any tips that I haven’t mentioned them please leave a comment below.



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