TDi Body Jewellery Review

Hey guys, I hope you’ve had an awesome week. I decided that since my previous product reviews received positive comments last week, I would continue the theme this week – only this time I’m not reviewing anything to do with makeup.

On the 16th of March I really couldn’t sleep, so I decided to go on Amazon (as you do, I guess) and see what sort of facial jewellery they had on the site, as I there aren’t many shops nearby that sell anything like that. I purchased a few items for myself, and by the 20th of March I was wearing my new items.

 I’m really into rose gold at the moment, I think everyone is. I think it works as part of a really delicate look and I needed a change from my boring silver facial jewelry, as I’ve had it for such a long time. I also desperately needed to change my medusa bar, because now it’s healed the bar is waaaay too big. Anyway, here are my purchases:

This cost £2.95 with a £1.75 delivery charge. This stud is so easy to put in, I was at first expecting it to be a challenge, but it went in with ease.

This was the most expensive of the three products. This labret bar cost me £3.95 with £1.75 delivery charge. It’s not too bad when you think about it. Your morning coffee probably costs roughly the same price if not more.

Lastly, this nose ring cost me £3.75 with a £1.75 delivery fee. I’ve struggled for a long time to find a nose ring that doesn’t look too big and I have to say this one is a perfect fit! I’m really pleased with it and won’t be changing it for a new one anytime soon.

I purchased all of these items on Amazon and got a really quick delivery. I have also included a link to the official website so you guys can see what else TDi have to offer. While the prices for the products I’ve reviewed are exactly the same, I will admit that some of the products on their site are a little more expensive. Still, they have a really big range of different piercings and styles, so check them out if you’re looking for something new and alternative.

I’d also like to say that TDi are great for acknowledging their customers. I simply mentioned them in one of my tweets, expressing that I was excited to try my new jewellery. Within the hour they retweeted my comment, liked it and replied. It’s really nice to see a company take note. When I tweeted again that I would be writing this post, they also liked it and retweeted it. Pretty neat indeed.

All in all, I’m really happy with my new facial piercings. They look great, they’re comfortable and the colour hasn’t faded or worn so far, which has impressed me due to my relentless makeup applications, my skincare routine and ocassional fiddling. I’m also happy to say that now I have a better-fitting lip bar I don’t play with my medusa piercing, half as much. Here’s a picture of how my facial jewellery looks now:

Hope you all enjoyed this review! I already have some ideas in mind for my next blog post, so I might post more in the next few days. See you beauties soon! Xoxo



  1. Thanks for the lovely review of our products, really pleased you liked them and they look fabulous on you! Maybe worth letting your readers know that if they place all items in their Amazon basket (therefore placing just one order), there is just one delivery charge of £1.75, always good to save on postal charges! Also it’s free worldwide delivery on our retail site on orders over £10 🙂


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