Product Review: “Precious Metal” by Lush Wigs

So guys, it has been a while since I’ve written a product review and instead of writing about makeup products, today I’m going to be writing about my new wig.

I purchased the Precious Metal wig on the Lush Wigs website (which I will link below later on..) on the 28th of June because I’m going to shave my head on the 24th June for Macmillan (if you would like to donate or share the link it would be greatly appreciated). I have also missed having long hair, so I thought why not try a wig?

At first, I must admit I was a bit skeptical. It’s in my nature to worry a lot, so when I wore my wig for the first time last night to celebrate my friend’s birthday, I was terrified it was somehow going to come off, leaving me rather humiliated. It is safe to say that my wig was secure all night and my dignity remained intact.

QUICK TIP: if it is your first time putting a wig on then you should definitely watch some Youtube tutorials if you’re a little unsure how to make sure it is on correctly.

Precious Metal is made of synthetic high temprature fibre and it is 65cm long. You can style the wig with straighteners or curling tongs as long as it is below 180°c, which is generally the lowest heat setting on straighteners, crimpers or curling tongs. It cost £25.99 and £4 postage, so it came to a total of roughly £30 and arrived by the 1st of June – just in time for my holiday! I was worried it wouldn’t arrive in time for my break with my OH, but seeing as it arrived within 5 days (on a bank holiday week, too) I’m tempted to buy more to take with me. I feel confident in my wig, and truth be told, it has been a while since I’ve felt confident at all.

There are some very minor setbacks to this wig, though. Due to it being made of synthetic hair it is prone to tangling, but for the price of £25.99 you are getting good value for money. Occasionally, a few stray hairs come out of the wig, but again this is likely to happen with synthetic hair. Apart from that, the wig is great! It is easy to secure to my head despite not having clips inside, it does however have straps for tightening the wig. I’d also like to mention that I had to give the fringe a little trim, but that was down to personal preference. I prefer a shorter, blockier fringe, mainly because of Hayley Williams from Paramore!

I will definitely be using Lush Wigs again, even though this wasn’t a lace front wig I was complimented quite a few times last night on how real the wig looked, in fact one lady even asked me “how did I get my hair so blue?” I even bumped into an old friend from my previous job who said he never would have guessed it was a wig. All round winner for me, as I was also quite worried it would look too obvious.

All in all, I recommend Lush Wigs if you’re looking to try something new with your image. Maybe you want a new look without the commitment of actually dyeing your hair or maybe you wish your hair was longer? You can find the Precious Metal wig here on the website.

Here are a few more pictures to show you how it looks on:

As you can see, there’s no crazy shine that you normally get with synthetic wigs.

So I’ve only got a few days until I go on my holibobs with my boyfriend! I’m going to be writing again when I get back so I can tell you all about it, but until then I hope you all have a great week!

See you guys soon! Xoxo


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