My Mini-Break

Hi guys, hope you’re having a good week! I can officially say that for once in my life I actually feel pretty stress-free, which probably has something to do with the fact that I haven’t been stuck behind a desk for the past seven days. I’ve actually been able to enjoy the alright-ish British sunshine at the beach in Bournemouth!

As you’ll know if you follow me on social media I wasn’t really feeling that “holiday-mode” on Thursday last week, which was the night before I went away. It had been raining all week and it wasn’t looking up, so I was expecting it to be a wet weekend. To be honest, with my lack of motivation and Sean’s lack of organisation skills (sorry, Sean!) I’m surprised we even had the suitcase packed by Thursday night. By Friday morning however I was happy to wake up to sunny skies. Finally!

DAY 1: I was sooo happy to get to the hotel, which was a little walk from the beach front. It was about 12pm by the time we got there so it was very warm and me being me.. I was only wearing black of course. I’m also on the chubby side, so my thighs pretty much felt like sandpaper at this point. We checked in and stayed at the room for a little while because I definitely needed a nap. Being a chunky alternative chick has it’s problems, I guess.

In the evening we went out for dinner and we went to see The Mummy in the iSense cinema (quick thought about the film: don’t bother seeing it.) which was very different from my local cinema, which is tiny. The iSense was impressive, as it had over 400 seats in one screen and the theatre itself had a resturant and bar. What does my local cinema have? Sticky floors and 5 small screens.

The first night in the hotel was perfect. It was very quiet and cosy.

DAY 2: The following day we went to the Oceanarium, which is a must-visit for me and my boyfriend when we go to Bournemouth. It is quite small, but I could happily spend hours there as they have some great creatures there, like these charming tuxedo ducks, otherwise known as Penguins.

And this adorable little guy is called Bob. He’s a Pig-nosed Turtle and this is him having a nap.

We did some shopping, where I got this awesome bag from Primark for £12, which is a total bargain and it is hella cute. A must-have for any Disney villain fan, plus it is HUGE! There isn’t an item too big for this bag.

We ended the evening by going on the ferris wheel. I won’t say much about this, only that the experience was so terrifying I have tried to block it from my memory. I can’t say that this was Sean’s best decision as we are both scared of heights. Go on the ferris wheel, he said. It’ll be fun, he said…

DAY 3: I found some pretty cool stuff while I was in Bournemouth. There was a shop that literally just sold Cacti and a place called Pulse Cat Cafe. I also found a rather large Lush Cosmetics shop, which its delicious scent you could smell from a mile away and I was in Heaven! The staff were super friendly and it is the first Lush store I’ve been in that has a makeup section. As you can imagine, I was in my element, but I also possessed enough self-control to not buy every lipstick going. Here’s what I purchased instead:

We also had some great food and I got a chance to take some photos of the sunset.

The weekend went so quickly and we were both really sad to go home, as it was the most stress-free both me and Sean had been in a long time, with work taking its toll on us both, along with trying to find a new home and planning our wedding. I hope we get to take another break away soon.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you’re getting a chance to enjoy the sunshine like I have! I’m going to be writing again this weekend but it’s going to be a product review for my new wig so have a read if you enjoy my reviews!

See you again soon! Xoxo


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