Product Review: “Katherine” by Lush Wigs

Hello everyone, so the weekend is here and unfortunately I am back to work as of Monday, where I will no longer be able to enjoy the summer heat at any given moment *screams internally*.

This is another product review for you guys as I bought myself something new from Lush Wigs. This wig is called “Katherine” and you can find it right here.

I purchased this wig because as much as I love my “Precious Metal” one, sometimes I just want natural hair so I don’t bring too much attention to myself. Basically, there are just some days where I don’t want to be referred to as a Smurf. I also wanted something a bit more work-friendly; even though at work I have the luxery of freedom when it comes down to what hair colour I want, sometimes I just want to look a little more professional – more adult, if you will. I purchased this wig on the 12th of June while I was on my mini-break in Bournemouth and by the 14th, my item had arrived. The wig itself was £25.99 and postage was only a few pounds extra, which rounded up the subtotal to £30. It came packaged neatly just like last time and it came with the label hand-written, which I absolutely love. It feels much more personal to see actual writing as opposed to your run-of-the-mill printed labels.

I also got this adorable sticker. I have no idea where to put it yet, but I love how cute it is.

The wig itself is made of synthetic high temptature fibre just like “Precious Metal” which means you can style it with electrical appliances such as curlers or straighterners so long as the temperature does not exceed 180°c. As I mentioned in my last review on a wig, this is generally the lowest heat setting on your appliances.

“Katherine” feat. my chunky thighs.

I honestly feel like Merida from Brave in this gorgeously natural-looking wig. The colour is just perfect and it looks beautiful with long waves. On the website it does say that the wig is a “golden brown” colour but I personally would say it is more of a gingery/hazel mix. This doesn’t bother me in the slightest as I love ginger hair and brown hair but if you were considering buying this wig for its dark blonde qualities I would suggest looking around for something a little different. Lush Wigs do so many different styles there’s literally something for everyone. Personally, I think this wig goes great with that look of being heavily tattooed (like me) whilst wearing natural hair, and I think I achieve it with this wig. I already want to wear it everywhere I go.

As you can see, the wig looks much longer than my “Precious Metal” wig that I bought earlier this month, but it is actually the same length at 65cm. It also feels much thinner, which I personally think suits the style of the wig more. If it was a thick-haired wig then it would have probably made me look like I had fallen out of the biggest tree in the forest!

I achieved looking like a level 10 Wood Elf without also looking like I’d been dragged through a bush!

Unfortunately, when you review products sometimes you have to point out some bad stuff. There are a few things about this wig that have really pissed me off, if I’m completely honest. It looks amazing and feels great to wear as it’s super comfy, but there has been so much hair loss and so far I’ve only worn it once! I’ve also noticed a small tear in the fabric that has the strands of hair sewn in. I feel like this wig is rather flimsy in comparison to that of the wig I purchased earlier this month and that is disappointing. I get that I mentioned that this wig is better with thin hair and now I’m pointing out its flimsiness which may seem contradicting, but you still don’t expect your wig to be damaged after one wear. I’ve also had a look at the return policy, which states:

Wigs cannot be returned once worn for hygiene reasons. We cannot accept responsibility for any damages incurred when styling or washing your wig.

I get that, fair enough. It does leave you in a sticky situation if you’re really unhappy with it though, as you can’t necessarily prove that you didn’t damage the wig yourself. As I said though, it is a very small tear and it’s nothing that I can’t fix myself. Here’s a picture of what the tear actually looks like:

Overall, I would still say this is a good wig. It looks beautiful, it has given me confidence and it looks like it’s actually my hair. There are minor issues but it’s not something I can’t get over or alter myself, so it doesn’t really affect me at all. I also want to mention that the small tear I have found is not noticeable once I’m wearing it.

I give “Katherine” a ⭐⭐⭐ rating, which would have easily been 4 star had it not been for the tear and the hair loss. Nethertheless, it is a pretty wig for only £25.99.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! I’ve already got more ideas for more posts, so don’t forget to check my Twitter for updates! Xoxo


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