How to make the Sunday Night Blues seem less heart-wrenching

Hi everyone, I hope the week has been kind to you. It has been a while now since I’ve been back at work from my holiday in Bournemouth and I have to say it has been quite mental. I’m in the process of moving house as well as moving department at work, but at least it is hump day and the weekend is only slightly out of reach!

So I’m sure you know this is how it feels on a Friday after work:

At long last, the weekend is here! For 48 hours you can finally be yourself again without being pestered by that one annoying co-worker, or maybe you don’t have to worry so much about revision? Either way, one thing is inevitable – Monday morning will soon be here, and by Sunday afternoon you’re going to be asking yourself where the time went. I know this, because I have dealt with those Sunday Night Blues since I was old enough to go to primary school. It is the bane of my life, so naturally I’ve found ways too make it seem less depressing. After all, nobody wants to wake up at the crack of dawn to spend the next 8 hours in a classroom or office.

Here are some tips that I have found helpful when I’m trying to make Sunday nights less daunting. Come on guys, we can do this.

#1 – Have an early(ish) start

I’m not saying wake up at 6am sharp so you can watch the sun come up, but waking up a little earlier than normal on a weekend will do two things that you’ll end up being thankful for: you’ll have more time in the day to do your own thing and you are less likely to stay up late that night. You’re bound to be in a better frame of mind come Monday morning if you have had enough sleep, too.

#2 – Stop thinking about Monday

I know it feels impossible, but just stop worrying about heading into work the following morning and just concentrate on the present. Or, if you really can’t escape the thought of heading into work the following morning then at least try and concentrate on the good things about your job.

#3 – Don’t just spend all day playing video games

DO NOT do what I did the weekend right before my last holiday ended. I woke up late and the first thing I did was play my beloved Skyrim. There is nothing wrong with playing video games but if you get caught up in some side quest then chances are you’re going to look at the clock and realise that several hours have passed and you haven’t even got changed out of your pyjamas.

Basically what I’m saying is yes, it feels great to get lost in some immersive gameplay, but there is a real outdoors too.

#4 – Get organised

No one wants to wake up on a Monday morning and not know where their work bag is and nothing is more demotivating than knowing if you were more organised on Sunday you could have had an extra ten minutes in bed on Monday. I like to get my work bag ready the night before and because I’m one of the lucky few that wears their own clothes to work I like to choose my outfit on Sunday too.

#5 – Make sure your deadlines are met

This tip generally goes hand in hand with being organised. If you had some revision to do, then set time aside for it. If you needed to do any assignments for work, then make sure you have it completed, that way you can put it to the back of your mind for the weekend.

#6 – Start winding down

I usually start winding down by 6pm or 7pm, just as a way of mellowing out to make sure I get an early night. Here’s my usual routine for relaxing in the evening:

  • Do a face mask.
  • Have a bath – preferably with a Lush bath bomb like I’ve pictured below.
  • Put on fresh pyjamas.
  • Get a warm drink – my favourite is a nice hot cup of tea but if you struggle to sleep maybe a cup of Horlicks would be better.
  • Get into bed ready for tip #7 and #8.

#7- Read

In my opinion, reading is one of the best ways to forget about current life-affairs. By reading it can feel like you’re transporting yourself to another place and time period completely. I recently bought these Harry Potter books (mainly for the Slytherin edition of the Philosopher’s Stone) and as soon as I’m settled into my new home I plan to start reading them before bedtime.

# 8 – Watch a film before bed 

I like to get into my bed on a Sunday night after a relaxing bath and put a film on to watch. I personally find that films of the fantasy genre are the best to watch, because they provide a lot of escapism while not being overly scary. I think my favourite thing to watch at the moment is The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings. I love these films so much – like these films literally have a special place in my heart – and it is because the characters feel so familiar to me (probably because I’ve watched these films at least 100 times)… If I really feel glum about Monday morning, then nothing cheers me up more than Gandalf being a sassy wizard.

So, those were my 8 tips on how to mange those crappy Sunday Night Blues. If you have any tips that work for you then please leave a comment below or contact me on my Instagram or on my Twitter. I would really love to hear what you guys do to make the end of a weekend feel better so I can give it a try myself!

See you guys soon and enjoy your week! Xoxo



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