Under Construction…

Hi guys!

So I’ve been thinking about my blog and how some of it seems.. well, a tad bland. I have to say I haven’t had time to write anything that’s decent recently because of some personal issues, but I’m getting there.

I’m at a place in my life where I’m experiencing a lot of changes in the status quo – some things good, others not so much. There is a chance that my career may be taking a change in course in the next few months which has lead to a lot of my time and effort being put into it, but at the same time my personal life has suffered for other reasons. All I can say is at the moment, my life feels like it is “under construction”. So I asked myself, why should my blog be any different?

Part of me has wanted to delete everything I’ve written so far and start over. I sat in my living room last night with a cup of tea, watching one of my favourite films while I weighed up the pros and cons of hitting that delete button on all of my posts and starting again. I’ve now come to the conclusion that a lot of effort went into my reviews. So I’m not starting again, persay, I’m just making room for better material.

I have also decided against writing about certain types of topics like I used to. My mental health has always been up and down and it was often something I would write about, but right now it is something I would rather keep private in order for me to concentrate on the things I would like to earn a living from in terms of blogging. I’ve recently moved into my very own home and it is something that I believe will improve my well-being, so for now I want to concentrate on the positives!

Please be patient with me while I have a spring clean on my blog. I now have a lot more motivation so I want to get a real schedule in place so you guys can rely on me for consistent posts. Check back here soon, as I’m also in the process of writing as well as revamping my blog.

See you soon! Xoxo

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