Product Review: Kelly Oh! by Zella Rose Wigs

I have to say that I woke up this morning with my fingers crossed hoping my latest purchase – a beautiful wig from Zella Rose – would arrive. You know how it s when you treat yourself online; half the fun is waiting for that precious package to turn up in the post, and when it arrives earlier than expected it’s a total blessing. I feel like a child on Christmas morning when the postman arrives sometimes.

I purchased the Kelly Oh! wig from the Zella Rose website on the 29th of July and it arrived on Tuesday morning only three days later. I was impressed at how quickly the wig arrived as I wasn’t sure where at the time the company is based – I have now discovered that they are based in Yorkshire, UK. The wig itself cost £44, (which is more than I have ever spent on a wig) and the postage was £2.80, so in total it cost £46.80. I was admittedly aprehensive, as it was a lot of money considering I’ve just moved house and I was worried that it wouldn’t be worth what I paid – I was so wrong!

Not only did my wig arrive in less than a week, it looks amazing! I put this wig on yesterday with scepticism, but I was instantly surprised. It feels light to wear and isn’t itchy, even after wearing it to work all day. Whenever I have worn my two other wigs (which I have also reviewed) for longer than an hour or so, they have been unbearably hot and itchy – this amazing wig however feels so natural I forgot it wasn’t my real hair! I got home from work last night and if I’m honest I didn’t want to take it off.

I have scoured the website and unfortunately I cannot find out what the hair is actually made from, but from my experience with wigs and from what I gather from the below quote, I would say it is made of high synthetic fibre.

High quality, heat resistant at low temperatures.
Can be heat styled up to 180 degrees.
Realistic ‘everyday wig’, Alopecia Friendly.

Kelly Oh! doesn’t have a fake plastic feel to it however and it really soft. I couldn’t help myself when wearing it and found myself playing with it constantly. There is also a lot of support with this wig, as it has clips inside to secure it to your head, however I can’t use these at moment purely because my hair is so short. The wig is a great fit anyway but it does offer a lot more security if you are anxious about the wig coming off or slippage.

So far, so good.

My two main concerns with this wig were shedding and tangling. My two other wigs are nice in terms of appearance, but they tangle an awful lot, even after only a few moments of wearing them and after a while that tends to spoil the overall look of the wig, as it makes your ‘hair’ look puffy. I was also expecting the wig to get caught in my headset (I work in a call centre) but this was not the case. Kelly Oh! remained tangle-free all day. In terms of shedding, I didn’t notice any at all. It’s a win-win for me!

Kelly Oh! is a lace front wig which means it has a more realistic hairline. You do have to trim the lace, which is something anyone would find daunting if it is their first time. On the website they do however offer an option to have it pre-cut, if this is easier for you it is something I would recommend if you are worried about cutting it yourself. I did however cut mine myself – with a lot of patience and a steady hand it wasn’t too bad to do, however I did spend the entire time worrying that I would ruin the wig. I think it is safe to say that I haven’t and it looks hella cute!

Here’s a rare photo of me actually smiling WITH teeth. I’m loving the obvious Kelly Osbourne vibes here and I feel like a pastel princess!

If you would like to purchase this gorgeous wig, you can find it here.

I cannot recommend Zella Rose Wigs enough. It has genuinely given me so much confidence as I have not had long hair for years and in turn I have had moments in my life where I felt like I’ve lacked femininity. Of course, the way I feel should not be determined by the length of my hair, but for me it is a preference. I feel happy in the way I look, and that is something that everyone deserves to feel.

I’d like to point out that these wigs are made by an independent company and is run by a hair loss support blogger who is passionate about people’s confidence. I can see the passion that has gone into making these wigs as Kelly Oh! is an absolute gem. I will definitely be purchasing from Zella Rose again in the future and I’m already excited about it. There is so much to choose from on the website that I don’t know what to buy next…

Thanks for reading! Xoxo


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