Office Outfit Inspo

I have to say now I’ve finally moved into my own place and started to broaden my career aspirations, it’s definitely made me want to try some different things with my blog. I have wanted to write about my clothes for some time, so here we go. My first blog post about what I wear to the office is here.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my outfits. I have been known to have a bit of a meltdown when nothing seems to look good, so what I want to do is show you what outfits I find look great for work but aren’t a huge effort. This is basically the shortest lazy girl/cute girl 101 ever.

Here are a three ideas for what to wear to the office, each as cute and comfy as the last…

This has been my favourite outfit for work lately. It’s easy – it’s literally smart trousers and blouse tucked in yet it looks so nice. It has also been quite hot lately so having a thin blouse makes sitting at a desk all day much more comfortable. This outfit has the perfect balance of comfy and cute. I always feel that I look professional in this outfit but I’m not pushing myself out of my comfort zone by wearing it. Also, I am guilty of most of my clothes being black, because I’ve never fully left that goth stage (looks like it wasn’t just a phase, mum.) so it is nice to add a bit of colour every so often. I think that the colour of the shirt compliments the colour of the wig, too.

My next photo is…

This outfit is quite vintage chic. The dress itself is based on woodland colours and flowery themes, and the brogues just top it off in my opinion. I later added a simple black cardigan to cover my arms and just in case it happened to get cold outside. This dress is really cute for autumn too, and it isn’t too short to be deemed unprofessional, nor is it too skin tight. It’s really loose around the bottom of the dress so it is comfy for work and the material breathes well in the warmer weather.

And for my final outfit…

this is the jazziest outfit of all. For one, I NEVER wear heels! I rarely have the confidence to walk in them and they hurt my feet, but I love love LOVE these heel boots. I’ve only ever worn them out twice, but now I feel great in them I am going to wear them even more from now on. I’m also wearing a long black dress that has short sleeves. Unfortunately, I don’t like my arms at all. They jiggle. And that’s totally cool but they are something I’m insecure about, so I decided to wear a blouse with the dress.

This is the same blouse in the first outfit that I’ve shown you, so I just want to say that it is my favourite formal shirt that I own, purely for how there are alternative ways of wearing it. Here I’ve decided to tie it in a knot as it is a really long shirt. This breaks up the black of the dress and covers my arms. Win win for me! For this outfit I decided against wearing a wig. My hair is at that length now where you can practically call it a Pixie cut. I think it looks cute, and if anything it makes me feel unique and feminine whilst in this outfit.

So those are three of my outfits for the workplace. Hope you enjoyed it! I aim to write a lot more about clothing soon, so watch this space 😉

Have a great weekend everyone! xoxo



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