Primark’s Harry Potter Range

So it seems like once again Primark is reeling us all in with more Harry Potter Merchandise. This is including myself of course, like thousands of other people, we just can’t get enough if it. I have been a fan of Harry Potter since I can remember and even now in my adult life it is still something I love to watch. It is not hard to see why Primark’s new range is being so well-recieved by muggles and pure-bloods alike.

It seems like every now amd then, Primark really outdo themselves with an awesome range of home decor, clothing and accesories. Last time it was the Ursula handbag…

Happy to say that I own this bag and I love it!

And before that it was the Chip purse that originally sold for £4 and was so sought after people were selling it for £20 on Ebay…

So it isn’t the first time people have gone crazy for one of Primark’s little gems and it certainly won’t be the last. If I’m completely honest with you I’m absolutely itching to get to my nearest Primark on pay day.

Here are some my best picks from the HP range that I think are well worth the money!

#1 – Potion Fairy String Lights

Forget want, I need these string lights for my new flat, without question. If there’s one thing I love more than Harry Potter it’s got to be string lights. In my personal opinion, no bedroom or living room is complete without them! I love how much detail they have and for only £8 you can’t say no!

#2 – Cheeky Door Hanger

£2 for this door hanger. Makes for a great innuendo too, if you’re planning on putting it on a bedroom door. Cheeky!

#3 – Future Wizard Sleepsuit with Hat

Frankly, if I have a child and no one buys this for the baby shower, I will be pissed. This is the cutest thing in the world and it’s only £6.50!

#4 – Owl Post Cushion

Like string lights, I believe that cushions are key to making a room feel cosy and perfect. This cushion is only £6 and it is awesome! It’s a cute way of showing off your inner nerd at home.

#6 – Couples Quidditch Mugs

I loooove these! They are the cheesiest mugs in the wizarding world, and that is probabaly why I like them so much! They’re only £5 as a set, so it looks like I’ll be adding them to my shopping list.

#7 – Night Shirt

While this is the most expensive item on my list, it is still only £10. I love it because it looks comfy and cosy, but it almost looks like something the students of Hogwarts would actually wear in the films.

So those were my favourite pieces from Primark’s Harry Potter range and they’re available to buy now instore. There’s also a new Harry Potter Christmas range coming to Primark between the end of September and the start of October! I think it is safe to say that Primark will be keeping us interested for months to come.

Have a great weekend! Xoxo



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