September Life Update

Promotion? Exams? Photoshoots? JAPAN?!

Hi guys, so this week’s post is just going to be short and sweet. No product review or helpful (or at least, I hope they’re helpful) tips. I just want to discuss what is going on in my life this September, as once again I am feeling just as overwhelmed as I was in August.


So it’s that time of year where the breeze gets a little crisper in the mornings, the sun rises a little later and the leaves turn a burnt orange colour and grace the ground. The stores in town will soon be putting their Hallowe’en decorations on sale. I am in love with Autumn – or Fall, if you prefer to call it that – like many other people are. To me, Autumn is a time to be cosy; spend your evenings enjoying the sound of the rain outside and drink hot cocoa. But for me, I’m going to be so rushed off my feet that I fear I miss Autumn all together!

I was rather suddenly told by my work mentor last week that I will be moving to another department this Monday. I’ve been lucky enough to have 4 whole days to prepare myself, but being me, all I have done is keep it at the back of my mind, where it has been causing me worry ever since I was informed. Don’t get me wrong; I am really excited to be moving to another department – in fact, it is like a promotion for me, as I will be receiving a pay rise and better hours and more responsibility. It’s just I have made some really great friends in my current role. Two of them are amongst my absolute favourite people on this planet, so not seeing them most days is going to be tough. I always said “So what if I move someplace else, if we really want to see each other then we will.” While that still stands, I worry that I won’t be able to see them as much as I’d like, as we have very conflicting work schedules.

So now I’ve got that out of the way, I can tell you what else is up. I still have my Home & Motor exams in just little under a month, and because I’m going to be training for my new department (which mainly deals in contacting Insurers and listening to calls to ensure they are being completed properly) I am worried that I won’t be able to soak any of this information up in my brain! I’m a little worried that one of these experiences, whether it be the exams or the department move. If anyone has any ideas and advice on how to manage my study schedule then please contact me as I am a master of procrastination…

I sound like I am moaning, but really, the start of September hasn’t been all that bad. What makes me nervous now is only a new door opening in my life. I have been given so many opportunities lately that I actually feel like I’m getting somewhere in my adult life. I am happy to say that I’m scheduled to work with Steve, the photographer, again at some point. He has two shoots planned, one is another promotional shoot for PhoneAudio and the other is completely different. At the moment I am not going to say much, but it is going to be interesting to say least.

Speaking of interesting – a few of my readers may have noticed a new page at the top of my website called Help Me Get To Japan! Visiting Japan has been a childhood dream for me ever since I saw the book, Fresh Fruits by Shoichi Aoki. The book is a lifestyle/photography book that showcases the Harajuku boys and girls of Tokyo. As a 12 year old that had always had an obsession with bizarre outfits and hairstyles, I fell in love. My brother, who loves travel and Japanese culture has asked me if I would like to travel with him around Japan for a whole month in September 2019! I am so excited as this will be a literal dream come true. The reason why I have created that page on this blog is because travel and vlogging equipment don’t come cheap. I really want to vlog the entire time to share the experience with you all on my YouTube channel and on here, by writing reviews for some of the food and experiences we have out there. It obviously is not expected, but if you would like to leave a small donation it would definitely go a long way. You can find the page at the header of my site or right here.


So there we have it. That’s how my September is going so far. I am a busy chicken with a lot going on! Don’t forget to comment if you have any tips to study better, or if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see me do in Japan!

See you next week for another blog post! Xoxo


The photos used in today’s blog are not my own. All credit belongs to the authors. Below are the sources.

September Featured Image source.

Hello Septembersource.

Tokyo Street at Nightsource.



  1. It’s so exciting that you’re going to Japan! I’m actually going to Thailand for 15 days next July and I am spending 4 days volunteering in an elephant sanctuary which is going to be so fun! You will have an amazing time in Japan, I’m so jealous-it’s somewhere I’d love to go! Can’t wait for the posts on it!
    With love, Chloe x

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