Home Decor Ideas

Hi guys, I hope you’ve all had a great week. I’ve decided that instead of posting on alternative weekend days I’m now just going to be posting on Sundays as it is always my day off. This means it gives me work to do when I am actually away from work, and it is less easy for me to get muddled up (yeah… I do that..). I also think it is a bit more reliable for you guys and gals reading my blog.

This week I wanted to give you a post full of little ideas on how to brighten your home with some easy and minimalistic décor, as I am going to be decorating soon myself, and wanted to show you some of the things that inspire me. I’m going for a minimalistic style in my home as my flat is very modern in terms of structure, but at some point I would like to add more vintage hints to my home.

So here are some of the things I want to buy for my new home so I can start my decorating project…

Socker indoor Greenhouse from IKEA


I’ve wanted an indoor greenhouse for about 6 months now and I still haven’t got round to buying one! I like this one because it is simple and spacious. This greenhouse only costs £12 from IKEA (my favourite shop in the world of course) so this will probably be one of my first purchases. I’ve heard that this greenhouse is not all that sturdy, but it would still be a cute piece of décor until you can upgrade. You also don’t have to use this just for your plants, either. I have also included a picture of a miniature kitchen, as that would be a project by itself!

Socker Plant Stand from IKEA

Unfortunately, I can’t find this particular piece in a UK store, so that makes me feel like they may have discontinued it, which is really annoying for me as this was a piece I had my heart set on. Luckily, plant stands are quite a common item, so I will find one that I like eventually. This plant stand itself is priced at $49 which is actually a little more expensive than I was expecting. Again, you don’t have to use this item for your plants, you can also use it for storage, as one of the above pictures shows. I think it could even make a quirky book shelf, if it was styled in the right way?

Golden Wire Storage Baskets from ASDA

I already own these and they cost £6 for the pair, which is a bargain in my opinion. At the moment, I am using them for bathroom storage, as they make my toilet roll look a lot more appealing, which I didn’t think was possible. I also use one of the baskets for our shampoos and shower gels. Looking at the ASDA website it does in fact say that these baskets are for the bathroom in particular, but I think you could use them in any room if you so desire. They would look great in the kitchen for keeping eggs in, or in the living room for keeping TV remotes or magazines in.

Assorted Wall Art from Urban Outfitters

I have only recently visited the Urban Outfitters website and I have never been in one of their stores… Have I been missing out or what?! Above are some of the pieces I would like to decorate my home with. The two posters are priced between £59 – £189, while the beautiful hanging wall art only costs £28! Bargain!

Wall Tapestries from Urban Outfitters

Again, these items are from Urban Outfitters. I have been meaning to get a tapestry for some time, as I think they add a certain bohemian cosiness to any room, and I love the colours of both of these. The Feminist tapestry is an online-only purchase, though, so don’t expect to find it in any of their shops!

Shika Medallion Tapestry and the Feminist Wall Tapestry can be found here, and they are both priced at £35.

Hedwig Cushion from Primark


Of course, my list of home décor wouldn’t be complete without at least one item from my beloved Primark. If you have read my other posts, you will know that I recently wrote a post all about the latest Harry Potter range – but this cute af cushion isn’t on there! I didn’t even know that this cushion existed, so now I’ve found it I’m going to be heading to my local Primark pretty soon, as this cushion is only £8!

Unicorn Reveal Candle from Home Essentials


This candle reveals something inside once it has been melted – however, I don’t think I could ever melt it because it is so cute! It’s only £15 from Home Essentials. This item would be great for a living room or a bedroom to give a hint of cosiness. I also think this would be great as a gift!


The header image I have used does not belong to me, so full credit to the artist on this one. All I did was add the title of this week’s post.


I hope you guys have all enjoyed this week’s post. Don’t forget that from now on I’m only going to be posting on Sundays! If anyone has any ideas about home décor, or knows of any stores that sell quirky items then please leave a comment below.

See you next week! Xoxo


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