A Day In London And Oxford Street Primark Haul!

Hello everyone! I’d like to start this post by saying a big thank you and welcome to my new followers! I appreciate each and every one of you and I’m so grateful you guys read my posts every weekend.

So this week I’m going to tell you all about my day trip to my hometown of London! I’ve not been there for years unfortunately, and now I’ve been back for a visit I’m itching to go again. For someone who deals with social anxiety at the level I do, I’m surprised at how well I handled everything. From the busy, condensed tube at rush hour, to the hoards of people in every corner of the city. I was fine. It felt strange to not feel starred at, to feel like something was wrong with me that I couldn’t see. It felt great. Me and my OH thoroughly enjoyed the day and we can’t wait to go back next month for our Christmas shopping.

Speaking of shopping, I also want to show you guys what I bought in Oxford street Primark! But that’s later on, for now I want to tell you all about the day itself…

Me and my fiancé did sooo much walking, by the time we got the coach home I thought my legs were going to fall off. We went all around central London and saw some pretty cool things. I was on the lookout for interesting graffiti, and I was really keen on visiting Camden, unfortunately this time round we didn’t get the chance to.

You never really consider London’s vastness until you’re there in the middle of it. I don’t feel like me and my partner travelled from one end of the city to the other as we mostly stayed in the central area, but we seemed to walk forever and ever. There were so many little side streets to get lost down, and many quirky little shops to venture into. I even found a vegan and vegetarian Pret A Manger in Soho.

I was so happy to find Chinatown in particular. I have been a lover of oriental culture and food for most of my life, and it was absolutely beautiful. I loved the atmosphere and how photogenic every inch of it was.

Unfortunately there just aren’t enough hours in the day to navigate London in its entirety. But for a first visit with my fiancé it was a perfect day. I just wish my phone battery didn’t die before getting home as I missed out on even more photos. Quick Tip: always take a portable charger with you on day trips!!

So, onto the Primark bits and bobs…

Stepping into the Primark on Oxford street in London was genuinely very exciting. It’s one of the largest Primark stores I’ve been in (Primark in Bremen, Germany is without a doubt the biggest) so I was overwhelmed with all of the beautiful autumn clothes. I did however practice a lot of self-discipline as I didn’t grab a basket and I didn’t pick up almost everything in the store. I limited myself to a few purchases. Here’s what I bought…

Harry Potter Satchel Bag in black – £12

I bought two of these. The black one for me and the brown one for my best friend, who is an avid Potterhead. I gave it to her as a present on Friday night and needless to say she is in love with it.

For £12 these bags are awesome value for money. There is a decent-sized compartment inside that I can fit two purses in, (you’ll see why I need two purses at the end of this haul…) a book that I take to work to read on my lunch break, (which is also a Harry Potter book. I’m not sorry.) my work lanyard, house keys and there’s even room for a bottle in case I need a drink. There are two pouches on the outside which are perfect for carrying my phone (it’s quite secure as you can clip down the front) as well as some lipstick, headphones and a compact mirror. There’s also a zip compartment on the inside if you are carrying things you would rather make sure are tucked away.

The last thing I want to mention about this bag is how lightweight it is. The bag is a decent size so I was expecting it to be heavier and slip off my shoulder a lot, but it hasn’t. This bag is perfect for work too, as it is looks very smart. Definitely one of my favourite purchases of the day.

Beauty & The Beast Jumper – £14

What can I say about this jumper? It’s absolutely stunning. I spotted this jumper by chance but as soon as I saw it I had to have it. Not only am I obsessed with jumpers in general, (especially now as it’s autumn) I love all things pastel pink. This jumper has some of the cutest embroidery I’ve ever seen, however I’m a little disappointed that Cogsworth did not make an appearance on this jumper.

I wore this to work on Friday and I have to say it is a very comfortable jumper that I feel confident in. I don’t feel like I look bloated or anything like that. This jumper is very workable with different kinds of outfits. Imagine how cute it would be tucked into mom jeans or with a skirt!

Silk Dressing Gown in Black – £14

I was looking for some pictures of this particular product on Saturday afternoon and I could not find a single one. I’m not sure if this dressing gown is new to Primark stores or not, but until last Tuesday I’d never seen before or even seen it on the website. I bought it because it is in between sexy and cosy. I wanted something that would be nice enough to wear around the house without being too cheeky, but I also wanted something that could look alluring with the right accessories. It’s also surprisingly warm. These dressing gowns also come in baby pink.

Hogwarts Cushion- £6

When I say Oxford street Primark has a large Harry potter section I mean it. Primark’s HP game has been pretty strong all year, and it is only bound to get better with the release of the new Fantastic Beasts movie next year! This cushion was a steal at £6 and is helping us make our living room feel complete.

Gaston Gym Bottle – £4.50

I think it’s safe to say that yes Primark is very good at catering to us Potterheads, but it has other strengths too when it comes to fandoms. Primark has a crazy Beauty and the Beast range, but up until now I’ve struggled to find anything with Gaston on it. I certainly don’t go to the gym right now, but this bottle is handy for the water machine at work.

Unicorn Calendar Block – £5

This was a little something I bought to decorate my desk at work. As many of you will know, I recently moved departments and I now have a new desk all together, so I thought I would buy something new to go with it.

Harry Potter House Elf Sign – £3

I think my home is gradually turning into a Harry Potter shrine. Both me and my fiancé love Harry Potter, and we bought this quirky little sign for our kitchen. I wish we did have house elves, mind you…

Chip Mug Coin Purse – £4

Of course I had to purchase one of these. They have been one of Primark’s biggest must-haves since their release earlier this year, in fact they are so popular some people were even selling them for five times their original price of £4. I’ve seen a lot of articles about this particular product and pretty much all of them say that the coin purse is “impractical”. Well, I beg to differ, as this little purse fits perfectly in my Harry Potter Satchel.

My total spend was £75.50

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this week’s post as much as I enjoyed writing it and sharing my experience with you. See you all next week! Xoxo


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