10 Tips For Becoming A Vegetarian

Hello everyone I hope you are all well. So it is already November can you guys believe it? It’s Christmas next month and I am so unprepared! What about you guys?

As I briefly mentioned in a post a few weeks back, I decided to finally make the transition to Vegetarian in June this year. Now I’m at the 6 month mark I thought I would give you guys some tips on how to become Vegetarian yourselves, if you so desire.

Please remember that this is a post for anyone who is thinking of a change of lifestyle or is just interested in Vegetarianism. I am in no way publishing this post as a means of trying to push anyone into changing the way they live their lives.

So without further ado, here are my 10 tips for becoming a Vegetarian…

#1 – Make Sure Vegetarianism Is For You

As much as I love animals, I am not the type of person who will pressure others to live their life a certain way. My fiancé is a big meat-eater and so are my family; I believe in living your life for you, and if that means you want to eat meat then fair play to you, it’s just not for me anymore. If you are considering this particular change in lifestyle then you should weigh up the pros and cons of this change to your diet. Is Vegetarianism going to be a convenient change for you? Is it something you have wanted to do for a while?

#2 – Take Your Time

You don’t have to become Vegetarian overnight, and you shouldn’t feel like a failure if you have meat from time to time. If this change to your diet is something that your friends and family know about, then they aren’t expecting you to make the change instantly. This is your choice, so take as much time as it takes to get you to where you want to be.

#3 – Set A Goal

I have read more than once that some people find it easier to give up meat entirely in one go, which is actually how I did it. Some people however may find it easier if they have a goal to work towards, as opposed to going cold turkey (pardon the pun!) This quick plan below is a good way of setting yourself a goal while giving Vegetarianism a bit of a trial. This may even help you find out if the lifestyle change is for you.

  • Have meat once a week
  • Have meat once a fortnight
  • Have meat once a month

Eventually you may feel like cutting out meat altogether.

#4 – Look Up Recipes

Pinterest is really handy for this particular tip. You can find anything on Pinterest: from DIY home decor to wedding dresses. Have a look on Pinterest to find some easy Vegetarian recipes and give them a try a few times a week.

#5 – Don’t Assume It Will Make You Lose weight

I have been Vegetarian for half a year and I will admit despite my diet being a million times healthier than before I can’t say that I’ve really lost weight. Regular exercise is a massive part of a weight loss journey and that is another blog post entirely…

#6 – Try Some Meat Substitutes

Before becoming a Vegetarian I used to eat a lot of meat, and I often wondered “is there more to Vegetarianism than just plain fruit and veg…?” As my palette was not overly inclined to greens… I know, sounds ridiculous, being a Vegetarian that doesn’t like vegetables… Meat substitutes are a great way of enjoying the meals you would before without throwing yourself into the concept of Vegetarianism all at once.

#7 – Surround Yourself With Positive People

One thing you must remember whenever you decide to make a change to your life is that you are doing it for you. Don’t let other people be negative towards your choices. It may also be a good idea to join some Facebook groups that are aimed at people who are trying to become Vegetarian, or follow some people on Instagram that are starting the same journey.

#8 – Do Some Research

There are so many documentaries out there that show you how meat is put on dinner tables. Some of them are even on Netflix. You can also look into the health benefits of becoming Vegetarian, it doesn’t all have to doom and gloom… however knowing the facts about how meat is produced may give you something even more concrete towards your reasons for changing your diet.

#9 – Have Fun!

If you’re really serious about ditching meat for good then please remember to enjoy your journey! Experiment woth new dishes when you go out to eat, and try to remember you are doing it for your own reasons. Becoming a Vegetarian is a big thing for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you should treat it as a chore whenever you get hungry.

#10 – Keep a Diary

This can be a good way of tracking your progress and it can help you keep a track of what you’ve eaten lately; there may be certain things that aren’t Veggie-friendly that you didn’t realise weren’t safe to eat (I never knew Marshmallows contained gelatine, did you?). This can also help if you are trying to lose weight, as a food diary is a good way of keeping track of your calorie intake.

Please leave me a comment if you have any thoughts on this blog post, or let me know if you try any of this out for yourself! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, see you next week! Xoxo


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