Product Review: Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir

Hi everyone, I hope you’re having a lovely weekend. I have to say I’ve been a lot busier than normal this weekend – yesterday I finally got my Disney Castle Tattoo (at long last!) and today I’ve spent the day having a catch-up with one of my oldest and dearest friends. I have loved spending time with my friends and I definitely loved getting my tattoo, but I’ve been itching to get in front of my keyboard and write this blog post for you, as it really has been ages since I’ve written a product review.

I’d like to start by saying that I have been sent this product by Influenster so I can review it. The Influenster team got the product out to me really quickly (I received an email stating they were sending me a product shortly and I actually received it two days after) and I’m genuinely surprised that I was even selected to review a product as I thought that you had to have a massive social media presence to be eligible. Turns out, luckily for me, you don’t!

So here is a quick look at what I received in the post…

Even though this isn’t the product itself, I want to add that the box Influenster sent me was pretty cool. I really felt like a real beauty blogger when I received this!

Now, onto the product! Lets start with the packaging…

The way this mascara is presented is stunning. I love how chunky the tube is, accurately suggesting that you definitely get your money’s worth. I have now been using this product every day for a month and there is no sign of it running out any time soon. Maybe it’s just me, but the odd shape of the product’s packaging reminds me of Art Nouveau glamour, almost like something you would see in a 1920s themed advert or maybe even a movie?!

The product itself is the best mascara I have ever used. I haven’t found my lashes to be clumped at all. It is light and my lashes look even more curled than with other products I have used in the past. I will however admit that you do need to apply more than one coat if you’re planning on wearing a full, bold look – unless you’re using false lashes, of course!

Here are some of the looks I’ve created with this mascara..


As you can see, my lashes look HUGE! I love this mascara for making a bold statement, as I often like to be minimalistic with my makeup to give my skin a break. This Velvet Noir mascara really can make your eyes stand out, even if you’re not doing anything flashy with eye shadows to make them pop, I still feel pretty cute just wearing this product on my eyes.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the price of this high-end beauty product. I have never had high-end, luxury brands in my cosmetics drawer and only recently (because I’ve been given some MAC products as gifts) have I had the chance to give them a go and see if they’re really worth the money. I was lucky enough to not have to pay for this mascara (see the below disclaimer!) but in the future I would definitely purchase it. You can buy the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir on the John Lewis website for £22.00, which in my humble opinion, is a bargain for luxury makeup. I would also like to state that I have done some research into this product and the brand itself, and Marc Jacobs is cruelty-free! Winner!

All in all, I have to rate this product rather highly, as I have been using it non-stop since it arrived in my post box. The way it is presented is incredibly eye-catching, the product itself is not harsh on your lashes at all and it is easy to remove at the end of the day – whether you’re doing your end-of-day skin routine or just quickly using a facial wipe. The Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir is definitely on my list of favourite beauty products!




I would like to disclose that I was sent this product as payment for writing this advert. While this is an ad, it is also an honest review of the product as I genuinely do love the product and have enjoyed using it.



I hope you have enjoyed reading this week’s post. If you’re interested in trying Influenster for yourself, then please contact me as I’m more than happy to let you know how it all works. It really is a great opportunity for budding bloggers (like me!) and YouTubers, too!

See you next week! Xoxo



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