Creating My Own Lilac Hair Dye?!

Hi everyone I hope you’re having a great weekend. I can’t believe we only have 8 days until Christmas today, this year has gone so quick and I know I say it a lot but I really can’t believe how fast the year has been, and now much has happened.

So, most of you will know (especially if you follow me on Instagram) that I shaved my head for Macmillan Cancer Support in June, and I’ve been growing my hair back since then. I did also vow to never dye my hair again (this was a personal vow and nothing to do with the charity) but this has been hard. Before shaving my hair 7 months ago I was constantly changing my hairstyle and colour. Like, literally every week. Needless to say my hair had taken such a battering from bleach, I thought after sjaving my hair would be the best opportunity to start anew…

Well, it goes without saying that I’m impressed that I lasted as long as I did. From constantly changing my hair to not touching it at all over 7 months was as best as I could do. I broke my vow this Friday, and I’m now sporting my favourite of all hair colours – grey.

I have been incredibly lucky that my hair has taken little-to-none damage from the bleach and dye I used, and the dye I used to achieve this colour worked like a charm.

With this in mind, I thought I would show you a tutorial for creating your own lilac hair dye, which is a slightly healthier method for dyeing your hair. I tried this out myself about a year ago and it worked a treat. End results will be towards the bottom of this tut, so you can see for yourselves how it looks.

Please bear in mind this method will only work on lighter hair types like blonde, and while it is a healthier method for your hair it does still include some of the chemicals you would typically use in the hair dye process!

You will need:

• ‘Lagoon Blue’ Directions Dye (semi-permanent)

• Schwarzkopf Colour Live XXL Colour Brights ‘Shocking Pink’ (also semi-permanent)

• Any non-coloured conditioner, for example, I have used TRESemmé ‘Expert with Coconut Milk & Aloe Vera’

• Hair dye mixer (I’ve used one here from previous home dye kit)

•Hair dye bowl

You can pick up the dye bowl and the mixer on Amazon really cheap, but for the hair dyes and conditioner you can either purchase them online or in places such as Boots Pharmacy or Superdrug. Prices vary, but I estimate it to be roughly £20 for the dyes and conditioner together. I also want to point out that you may not need anything to protect your skin from staining. As it more conditioner-based, the mixture tends come off skin easily. However, if you do have sensitive skin, then I suggest wrapping a towel around your shoulders.


STEP ONE: put a pea-sized amount of both the dyes into the mixing bowl and mix them to form a paste. It won’t look like much, but you won’t need much if you want a more pastel shade. If you want it more vibrant, add more of the dyes to the bowl.

STEP TWO: add conditioner. Like, a lot of conditioner. I would suggest adding about a palm-sized amount. Mix the dyes and conditioner until happy with the shade you’ve got in the bowl. Also make sure it doesn’t have pockets of dye that haven’t mixed with the rest of the paste. Otherwise you’ll end up with patchy hair that is more vibrant in random places.

STEP THREE: apply evenly to hair, and comb through to make sure it is evenly distributed through your hair.

STEP FOUR: This is the easy part! I know hair dye kits say to leave in for a certain time, usually half an hour, but I leave this mixture in for about 1 hr to 1:45 hrs. Since it’s more conditioner than dye, it isn’t as harmful on your hair. In this time I like to watch Netflix to pass the time (I suggest watching Haters Back Off! if you like wacky comedies).

STEP FIVE: Now it’s time to wash out that dye! Chances are your hair won’t run clear as semi-permanent dyes are designed to come out with each wash, so wait until the dye doesn’t look as visible in the water as you wash out your hair, and feel around for conditioner. If your hair feels like you’ve got the conditioner out, it’s time to turn off the shower head, dry your hair and see what your new ‘do looks like!

Here is what my hair looked like before I used my lilac dye:

And here is the after affect:

As you can see, my hair turned out really even and it was a really cute colour. I remember this colour lasting in my hair for about 4 weeks, which is pretty standard for semi-permanent dyes and my hair felt super soft, too.

So, would you guys try this method to dye your hair a pastel shade? Let me know what you guys think!

Have a great week! See you next week for a christmassy blog post! Xoxo

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