2018 Goals

So it’s the very last day of the year and to be honest, I cannot wait for 2017 to be over already. I prefer to be upbeat in my writing – because frankly no one wants to read the ramblings of a miserable git – but I have to be honest with you guys when I say this year has been more bad than good. There’s been a lot of heartbreak and frustration, and I want to leave that where it belongs – in the past.

I’m also not really one for the yearly “new year, new me” speech either, because I know I will hardly ever stick to what I set to change about myself. At the beginning of 2017, I gave myself three New Year’s resolutions; two of which I cannot even remember now and the third being to stop eating meat for good. After years of bottling it, I finally did become a Vegetarian, but it still took me six months.

So as I say, I’m not very good at trying to change myself just because it’s January 1st. I have, however, put some thought into what I can achieve in 2018. I’ve written up a list of things that I can make happen next year, and while some are probably more achievable than others, I can still try to make these things happen for me.

The only thing stopping me from doing these things is me. I want 2018 to be my year.

#1 – Finally start writing my novel

I have been in love with creative writing since secondary school and I’ve wanted to write stories for years. I have loads of ideas in my head, but I’ve been putting off this project for what seems like forever.

#2 – Have the best wedding EVER

My OH proposed to me in February this year and originally we weren’t going to marry until 2019. After some thought we both decided that there’s no point in waiting, as neither of us can wait to get married! When I say that I want us to have the best wedding ever I mean that I want it to be perfect for us. What we think is an awesome day may not be that great to anyone else, but if we are happy then that’s all that matters.

#3 – Finish my sleeve tattoo

Just a simple thing I want to achieve, but my half-finished colouring book of a left arm is getting a bit boring to look at, and it is a bit annoying since I’ve almost finished my sleeve tattoo. Ideally, I want this done before my wedding in October, but if I can’t for whatever reason (like money, tattoos are expensive! Also time and health are a big factor..) then it’s not the end of the world.

#4 – Start our family

This is one of the most important things on this list. As anyone who has read my blog previously will know, being a mother is something that I have wanted to be for a long tim. It is something that me and my partner have discussed, but with my second pregnancy loss in late November it is something that has been understandably put on hold.

#5 – Finish some of my courses at work

I am quite lucky where I work, as the company offers a lot of courses and qualifications. I am on a management scheme, while studying for several exams and an apprenticeship. As you can imagine, I feel a little overwhelmed by this amount of study! Despite this, I actually really enjoy it – that’s the inner Hermione Granger speaking. I really want to get some qualifications under my belt in 2018.

#6 – Record my first video for YouTube

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I really need to get on with this, as I’ve been thinking about it for ages and wanted to do it. I’ve even done a few videos for Instagram on my makeup account, but YouTube is a like a mysterious unknown to me.

#7 – Decorate our home

We already have lots of ornaments and pictures hung up on the walls of our flat, but I can’t wait to make it even more homely by giving some of the rooms a lick of paint. Luckily, the people we rent from are really lenient; we are allowed pets and we can decorate however we like.

So that’s my list of things I want to achieve next year. I’m not going to obsess over losing weight like I did in 2016 and I’m not going to try to change things about myself because I am happy with who I am. All I want is for 2018 to be better than this year.

What about you guys? Is there anything special you would like to do in 2018? Let me know in the comments.

Happy New Year! Xoxo

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