A Week Into 2018…

Hi guys, how is 2018 treating you so far? As usual, it’s been a pretty quiet week in the house of Everitt-Akins; with a few exceptions, of course.

So, today was the big day for my little brother, who is currently on his flight to China as I write this. He’s going to Shanghai to teach English. I couldn’t be more proud of my lil bro, but at the same time I couldn’t be more jealous! He’s going to have an unforgettable time out there, and I’m so excited to hear about his adventure.

Because my parents have been dropping him off at Heathrow today I’ve been dog-sitting. It’s been fabulous, as I love spending time with Murgo. I was (unfortunately) working yesterday until 2pm but my little pooch stayed over last night and today we stayed in bed (having a cheeky spoon) until 9.30am, (which is a lie-in for me) said our farewells to my brother and then me and Murgo breakfast together. I’ve been feeling a little low lately, so I decided today I would binge watch Louis Theroux documentaries and whatever else caught my eye on Netflix. Needless to say, my mood has improved today.

In other news, I also took advantage of the January sale earlier this week on the Zella Rose website, where I bought this wig with 20% off! I purchased it on New Year’s day and received it on Friday, which is really quick considering what post is like around Christmas time. Here are some photos of the gorgeous wig:

This wig is called ‘Fro’. I’ve tried to find it on the website so I can add a link for anyone who’s interested but at the moment it isn’t on the Zella Rose site. Fingers crossed it returns in the future!

I look like Cher, and that’s fine with me.

While I’m on the topic of hair, I have gone a little crazy in terms of dyeing my own hair. My hair is currently pink and I am so happy with how it looks. I’ve always loved pink hair, in fact I even dyed my hair pink when I had long hair. Take a look at this throwback:

And here’s my hair today:

As crazy as it sounds my hair is almost long enough to tie up, now. Despite this I’m still adamant that I’m going to wear a wig to my wedding in 9 months.

So I think the next few months are going to be very hectic indeed with all this wedding planning!

I’m really hoping that this year kicks 2017’s ass! I think most of us are agreed that last year was a bit of a mess, but as I said last week I’m determined to make this year my year! Sorry this post was so short, I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on my life, even though I haven’t had much going on so far!

See you next week! Xoxo

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